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Lisān Al-Qur’ān Year 1 (2nd Trimester)

Jameel Besada

Held at the Islamic Society of Corona Norco

This course is designed to build a solid foundation in Arabic grammar, morphology, vocabulary and essential skills needed to start reading books in Arabic. The course will primarily utilize two texts, Lisān Al-Qur’ān V.1 and Fundamentals of Classical Arabic along with selected passages from the Quran. Lisān Al-Qur’ān V.1 focuses on building a solid foundation in grammar (nahwu) through vocabulary and exercises. Fundamentals of Classical Arabic builds a solid foundation in morphology (sarf) by introducing all of the major verb forms and patterns. After completing the course students can expect to be at an intermediate level. They should be able to pick up the Quran and recognize the words, constructions and sentence structures. Students will have the tools needed to read a book with the use of a dictionary.


Islamic Society of Corona Norco
465 Santana Way
Corona, CA 92881

Saturdays, 11am-1pm

Here is the class outline:

1. Session #1

2. Session #2

3. Session #3

4. Session #4

5. Session #5

6. Session #6

7. Session #7

8. Session #8

9. Session #9

10. Session #10

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