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Tafsīr of Juz ʿAmma (Part 3)

Ahmad AlKurdy


This course will cover the Tafsīr of Surah al-Qāriʿah to Surah al-Nas

Juz ‘Amma, the 30th and last part of the Qur’ān, is perhaps the most widely read and memorized portion of the Qur’ān throughout the Muslim world. It contains a number of short chapters that are easy to memorize and are most often recited in prayer. This course will cover a word for word translation of each verse along with a detailed explanation of the meanings, morals and lessons that can be derived from them.

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Dates: May 30th, 2020 - August 8th, 2020
Time: 9am-11am
Location: Online | On-demand (no on-site classes this summer)

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