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Quran Intensive: Rise and Fall of Nations (IOK x ISOC Summer Intensive 2024)

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Join us for our Summer Quran Intensive where we will explore the stories of past prophets, nations, and communities, analyze them, and extract practical and relevant lessons and guidance for our daily lives.

Course Details


  • Shaykh Furhan Zubairi
  • Shaykh Ahmed Billoo
  • Shaykh Tarik Ata
  • Shaykh Zaid Khan
  • Shaykh Mudassir Mayet
  • Shaykha Ayesha Hussain

Dates and Time

  • July 26, 2024 (First day is a free session) thru August 1st
  • 6-7pm Social Hour with food trucks. Barakah Cafe open.
  • Class 7-10pm


Al-Rahman Plaza
1 Al-Rahman Plaza Garden Grove
CA 92844, United States

Online with daily livestreams.

On-Demand recordings for access at anytime!


  • $175/person
  • Onsite. Online. On-Demand.
  • Financial aid available: For additional financial aid requests, email IOK Financial Aid with explanation of circumstance and amount requested. Click Here!
  • NOTE: This class is non-refundable.


  • Workbook
  • Live Q&A with Slido!


  • Food Trucks
  • Cafe

About the Course

Course Description

Why does Allah - the Most High - frequently mention certain prophets and their nations in the Quran, some more than others? What important lessons does Allah want us to extract from these stories?

This summer, our Qur’an Intensive offers you a unique opportunity to delve into the stories of past nations as mentioned in the Qur’an. We will analyze the stories of the past nations, their prophets, and the crucial lessons derived from their experiences.

This course will cover the pivotal stories of:

  • The people of Nuh
  • The people of Hud ('Ad) and Saleh (Thamud)
  • The people of Shu'ayb (Madyan)
  • The story of Lut
  • The Pharaoh and the people of Musa

Course Highlights

  • Contemplating on the Quranic verses and their interpretations.
  • Understanding the historical and spiritual contexts of these stories.
  • Reflecting on the moral and ethical lessons applicable to our lives today.
  • Discussions on the resilience of these Prophets despite the societal ills spread by their people.

Why Attend?

  • Enhance your connection with the Quranic stories and their spiritual significance.
  • Participate in an enriching Islamic learning environment with other dedicated students.
  • Make the most of your summer by immersing yourself in this spiritual and educational experience.

Join us for a 7-day immersive journey through the Quranic stories of past nations. Gain valuable insights that will help you understand the stories of the Quran more deeply and uncover the meaningful gems Allah has placed throughout His ayaat. Register now to secure your spot!

Here is the class outline:


2. Day 1: How to Reflect on the Quran w Sh. Furhan Zubairi

Jul 26

3. Day 2: The Story of Nuh (AS) w Sha. Ayesha Hussain

Jul 27

4. Day 3: The Story of Hud (AS) & Ad w Sh. Ahmed Billoo

Jul 28

5. Day 4: The Story of Salih (AS) & Thamud w Sh. Tarik Ata

Jul 29

6. Day 5: The Story of Shuayb (AS) & Madyan w Sh. Mudassir Mayet

Jul 30

7. Day 6: The Story of Lut (AS) w Sh. Zaid Khan

Jul 31

8. Day 7: The Story of Musa (AS) & Pharoah w Guest Speaker

Aug 1
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