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Sīrah (Prophetic Biography)

Life of the Messenger ﷺ

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Furhan Zubairi
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This course will delve into the life and times of the Final Messenger of God, Muhammad(S), who is the perfect model in applying Islam. It is impossible to truly know Islam or even practice it properly without knowing this man his model of life, and his tradition. The importance of following the prophetic model and example will be illustrated by extracting practical lessons from his life. Special focus will be given on important milestones in the history of the mission with dates and names corresponding to history of revelation and regulations. The class will cover lessons, examples benefits and exhortations from the authoritative and authentic reports. Our journey will not be a simple reading of events and expeditions; rather we will be recounting the stories of the struggles of the early Muslims with the goal of deriving numerous benefits and morals to assist us in our life as a religious minority in the west.


The following certificates are awarded when the class is completed:

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